Counting by 5's, 10's, 25's, an 100's
Numbers and Counting, and more...

Albus and Belina are playing a game. Albus starts by saying a one-digit number. Belina then says the number five after Albus' number. Albus then says the number five after Belina's number. The two players alternate back and forth until a number greater than 100 is first reached and becomes the winning number.
If Albus starts by saying 6, what would be the winning number? Who would say the winning number?

  1. 106, said by Albus
  2. 106, said by Belina
  3. 101, said by Albus
  4. 101, said by Belina
  5. 100, said by Belina

Alexandra counts by 5s, starting at 945. Alexandre counts by 25s, starting at 825. Alexandria counts by 50s, starting at 500. Alexander counts by 100s, starting at 200. Who will count to 1000 first?

  1. Alexandra
  2. Alexandre
  3. Alexandria
  4. Alexander
  5. None of the above