The Relationship Between Length and Volume
Geometry, and more...

Each unit cube has volume 1cm\(^{3}\). Joey lines up 8 of them in a row, to form a rectangular prism with dimensions 1 x 1 x 8 cm. How many times greater is the volume of the prism compared to 1 unit cube?


A cube has side length 4cm. Harry Potter doubles the length of the cube, halves the height of the cube, and triples the width. How much did the volume of the cube increase by?


A sphere has radius 3r. Hermione Granger shrinks the sphere, making the radius of the smaller sphere r. What is the ratio of the smaller sphere to the larger sphere?

  1. 1:3
  2. 1:9
  3. 1:2
  4. 9:1
  5. 3:1