Multiple Step Multiplication/Division Problems
Multiplication and Division, and more...

Ben the Farmer has 8 sheep. Each of his sheep proceed to have 7 children. That night, Ben the wolf comes along and eats a quarter of the sheep. How many sheep are left?

  1. 53
  2. 52
  3. 54
  4. 48
  5. 40

Ben the bacterium duplicates once every 2 seconds. Each of his duplicates will also duplicate once every 2 seconds, and so on. At first, Ben is alone. After 6 seconds, Ben the doctor uses soap and kills half of Ben the bacteria. How many Ben the bacteria are left?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5

Ben the Rabbit is best friends with Bennie the Pooh and Christopher roBen. Ben the Rabbit wants to buy Bennie the Pooh's jars of honey for $2 each and Christopher roBen's T-shirts for $3 each. If Ben the Rabbit buys 3 jars of honey and 2 T-shirts, how much will it cost?

  1. $12
  2. $13
  3. $14
  4. $15
  5. $16

A mini pizza has 2 slices, a small pizza has 9 slices, a medium pizza has 11 slices, and a large pizza has 13 slices. Ben orders 1 mini pizza, 6 small pizzas, 3 medium pizzas, and 7 large pizzas. If the pizzas are split evenly among 45 people, how many slices does each person get?


Ben the ice cream truck needs to fuel up on gasoline and ice cream. Ben the ice cream truck starts off with 12 litres of strawberry ice cream, 10 litres of chocolate ice cream, and 2 litres of Ben flavoured ice cream. He also has 50 litres of gasoline. Once every 30 minutes, a boy will come to buy 1/2 litres of strawberry ice cream, a girl will come to guy 1/3 litres of chocolate ice cream, and Alex will come to buy 1/10 litres of Ben flavoured ice cream. Gasoline is used at the rate of 5 litres per hour. Which of the four resources will Ben the ice cream truck run out of first?

  1. Strawberry flavoured Ice Cream
  2. Chocolate flavoured Ice Cream
  3. Ben flavoured Ice Cream
  4. Gasoline
  5. Dignity