An elementary school has grades 1 to 6. There are 134 students in Grade 6. The number of grade 5 students is 100 more than half the number of Grade 6 students. The number of grade 4 students is equal to the number of grade 2 students. There are 100 students in grade 3. The number of students in grade 2 is the average of the number of students in grade 3 and grade 6. The number of students in grade 1 is 140. How many students are there in this school in total?


A fruit market sells apples. On Monday, it sold 56 green apples, and three times as many red apples. On Tuesday, the sale of green apples went up by 31 apples, and the sale of red apples went up by 98 apples. How many apples were sold in total at the market on Tuesday?